Why is Liberty Foods different?

Liberty Foods beef comes from suckler calves from a herd reared under conditions of the best animal welfare. It is only transported once about 35 minutes to the local abattoir, with the minimum of stress for the animal. The meat is then hung for 2 weeks or more.

What is a suckler calf?

A suckler calf has been fed by its own mother since birth just as nature intended. This normally takes 6-8 months before it is ready to move on to an adult diet. Factory farming can take the calf away from its mother within hours of birth and it is then fed dried milk substitute until 6 weeks old when it moves on to an adult diet. At Liberty's we let the calf suckle from the mother until it is ready to move on to adult food naturally.

Why should beef be hung?

The longer the beef is hung the more tender and succulent it becomes, the optimum time is 2 weeks. Supermarket beef may be hung for as little as 3-4 days. We hang all our beef for a FULL 2 weeks.

Is our food organic?

We don't claim our beef is organic because we use a fertilizer on our grass to make it luscious and maintain it in a healthy condition. Nature does everything else.

What type of herd is it?

The meat comes from our predominantly Hereford herd. This breed is acknowledged to produce the finest quality and most succulent meat on the market.

Fill-a-dish or take-a-dish service

Entertaining family or business colleagues at home or just having some friends round for a meal? What could be more impressive than bringing a gourmet meal to the table hot from your own oven with no worrying about returning the dish afterwards and a vast choice of meals to choose from. Simply bring your own empty dish in or choose one of ours. Tell us your choice - we'll do the rest!

Catering & Home Deliveries

We also do home deliveries and outside catering for BBQs, pie and pea suppers, hot or cold buffets, birthdays and all other occasions, from as few as 10 to over 400 people.

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